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Message From Pastor On Membership

Pastor MattIt is a true miracle each time a person comes to faith in the saving knowledge of God. We thank our heavenly Father for His gift of grace through the sacrifice of His Son, and the power we have received through His Spirit that lives within each believer. However, faith is not the end result, it is the power of God at work through His disciples. So that we might be strengthened in our mission together, our God brings us into fellowship with others who share the same understanding of who God is and how He speaks, works, and lives among His people. Continued growth in our faith and stregnth for our mission as Christ's disciples are the expectations all members of Saint Mark have for themselves and one another. If you would like to learn more about the basic teachings of the Christian faith as understood by Lutheran Christians please contact Pastor Matt or attend an Equipping for Mission class. This class is offered several times a year for those considering membership in our Lutheran Church. Watch for announcements as to when and where the class is to be held, or call our church office.Baptism Shell

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The ministers of Saint Mark Lutheran Church are always available to help you grow in your relationship with the triune God and serve Him. Please feel free to contact Pastor Matt for a convenient time to discuss your Christian discipleship or any other concern. If you are ever unsure of the appropriate reasons to contact your pastor, please refer to these suggestions.

Our Mission: "To Extend the love and care of Jesus Christ to all people."
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